Food and Drinks to Carry to a Music Festival


If you’ve been to a music festival already, then you probably already know that the stalls there sell costly the food and drinks. Even a bottled water is expensive! And though we are aware they’re high-priced, mostly unreasonably priced, we still buy from these stalls because they’re the ones available. The thing is purchasing from stalls isn’t a practical idea. If you want to save money, you’d be wise enough to pack your own snacks and beverages.


Just because you have no money to bring for food doesn’t mean you can’t go to the festival! You might be close-minded about this, saying it’s a burden, but trust me; it’s convenient and clever to bring your own food.

Since it’s just a festival, you don’t have to pack heavy food. Just be sure to bring ones included in our list, and your stomach won’t complain during the festival. Here’s a tip: When packing, be sure that the food and drinks are in a cool box or bag.


  • Protein Bars – Be sure to choose protein bars with less sugar than the usual ones in convenience stores.protein bar with nuts
  • Dried fruits – Don’t miss the chance to eat healthily in a festival! Bring dried fruits in Tupperware.
  • Hard-boiled eggs – Eggs contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, and they’re fun to eat too!
  • Homemade muffins – Bake muffins at home using your favorite recipe and you’ll enjoy the music festival even more!
  • Meat – If you stay longer than a day, then you can bring meat and cook it on a barbecue for the first day.
  • Nuts – Whether they’re almonds or not, these are still good for your heart. Besides, they’re so easy to bring and share with the squad.
  • spaghettiSpaghetti – Fill your stomach with noodles! I suggest you stay away from instant noodles; they take a lot of time to break down in the body. Home-cooked spaghetti is better!
  • Homemade Bread – Use your Breville BBM800XLto make delicious-tasting bread! Nothing’s healthier than homemade food.
  • Spreads – Carry with you on-the-go jams and peanut butter; they will go well with your homemade bread.


  • Water – To save money, carry your own bottled water. Don’t bring glasses—they might cause injuries.
  • Homemade smoothie or juice – What’s sweeter and healthier than your favorite homemade juice?

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