Listening to Music while Woodworking


Do you have a favorite genre of music to listen to while woodworking? I did my research, and it turns out that a lot of handymen, carpenters, and woodworkers prefer working with music. It’s no surprise, however, because music can get your creative juices flowing especially when you complete projects.

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Music is a gift to humanity. It brings an end to a monotonous day. It gives color to your activity, whether you’re cutting boards with a circular saw, designing wood with a jigsaw, smoothening out wood with your sander, or drilling tables with your cordless drill. Whatever your project is, music can take out the boredom and replace it with excitement.

Rock, alternative rock, pop, RNB, and electronic dance music can keep you stay awake while you work. Upbeat songs can help you ignore how much time you’ve spent or need to spend to finish the project. You won’t be distracted by the noise around you as well, such as the sound of cars and trucks passing by your garage or workstation.


Studies have shown that upbeat music can also boost your mood. That means you’ll have an improved mood—a positive one. An optimistic attitude is needed when woodworking because tasks could be challenging. With jolly music keeping your spirit in a happy state, you can be more productive and even more successful with what you’re trying to accomplish. So if you want to increase your productivity and improve the quality of your work, listen to upbeat music!

On the other hand, classical, jazz, and mellow genres are also excellent for woodworkers. They’ll be able to concentrate more on what they’re working on because the music isn’t too loud. The work won’t be tedious, and the music will still allow them to think. Besides, it has been proven that classical music can sharpen the mind and enhance cognitive function, which is beneficial to woodworkers. This type of music can also improve memory, which is why it’s recommended for babies.


It boils down to the type of music you want. Depending on your taste, you could concentrate more if the genre is math rock or metal rock. You might also focus more if you listen to jazz. Whatever your choice is, it’s a good choice. That’s because music is a universal language, and everyone can appreciate it.

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