Listening to Music while Woodworking

Do you have a favorite genre of music to listen to while woodworking? I did my research, and it turns out that a lot of handymen, carpenters, and woodworkers prefer working with music. It’s no surprise, however, because music can get your creative juices flowing especially when you complete projects.

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Music is a gift to humanity. It brings an end to a monotonous day. It gives color to your activity, whether you’re cutting boards with a circular saw, designing wood with a jigsaw, smoothening out wood with your sander, or drilling tables with your cordless drill. Whatever your project is, music can take out the boredom and replace it with excitement.

Rock, alternative rock, pop, RNB, and electronic dance music can keep you stay awake while you work. Upbeat songs can help you ignore how much time you’ve spent or need to spend to finish the project. You won’t be distracted by the noise around you as well, such as the sound of cars and trucks passing by your garage or workstation.


Studies have shown that upbeat music can also boost your mood. That means you’ll have an improved mood—a positive one. An optimistic attitude is needed when woodworking because tasks could be challenging. With jolly music keeping your spirit in a happy state, you can be more productive and even more successful with what you’re trying to accomplish. So if you want to increase your productivity and improve the quality of your work, listen to upbeat music!

On the other hand, classical, jazz, and mellow genres are also excellent for woodworkers. They’ll be able to concentrate more on what they’re working on because the music isn’t too loud. The work won’t be tedious, and the music will still allow them to think. Besides, it has been proven that classical music can sharpen the mind and enhance cognitive function, which is beneficial to woodworkers. This type of music can also improve memory, which is why it’s recommended for babies.


It boils down to the type of music you want. Depending on your taste, you could concentrate more if the genre is math rock or metal rock. You might also focus more if you listen to jazz. Whatever your choice is, it’s a good choice. That’s because music is a universal language, and everyone can appreciate it.

Where To Go For A Nice Swim In L.A.


Let’s face it. There’s just something about going for a nice swim that keeps people from all walks of life more inclined to take a breather in a swimming pool after constantly hustling and bustling in their daily lives especially for months on end.

You see, aside from the fact that going for a swim keeps one healthy from the inside right up to the outside with a pool’s ability to boost one’s energy like no other, there’s also the fact that doing so helps one spend more time with their loved ones just as Mother Nature aids them with a more natural beach-like ambience in the form of the cool air blowing on your face as you take a dip into the water.

You also see, aside from the fact that going for a swim keeps one fit from the outside right up to the inside with a pool’s capability to boost one’s immunity like never before, there’s also the fact that doing so helps one spend more effort for their loved ones just as Mother Nature aids them with an even more natural beach-like atmosphere in the form of the warm sun shining on your face as you take a dip unto the water.

Thus, it’s only right for you to consider going for a nice swim whenever you get the chance to do so – especially if you are living within the city of Los Angeles in California, where all the glitz and glamour are overpowered by every person’s need to relax without any distractions or something only a pool resort can provide for most people.

The only question is: Where to go for a nice swim in L.A.?

Here are some amazing pool resorts you can go to – and one that even comes with a hot tub like those found on

Echo Park Deep Pool

Located at 419 Colton Street, Echo Park Deep Pool is the perfect epitome of both adventuring and relaxation in the most fun way possible. Here, you can also access other kinds of adventuring such as camping and hiking – both of which are perfect for when you’re out on a weekend getaway with your family. And here, you can even access other kinds of relaxation such as lifeguard training and water exercising – both of which are perfect for when you’re out on a weekday getaway with your friends.

The Rooftop

Located at 550 South Flower Street, The Rooftop is the perfect epitome of both exploring and rejuvenation in the most exciting way possible. Here, you can also access other kinds of exploring such as sightseeing and walking that are perfect for when you’re out on a weekday escape with your own. And here, you can even access other kinds of rejuvenation like floor dancing and night DJing – both of which are perfect for when you’re out on a weekend escape with new people.

Food and Drinks to Carry to a Music Festival

If you’ve been to a music festival already, then you probably already know that the stalls there sell costly the food and drinks. Even a bottled water is expensive! And though we are aware they’re high-priced, mostly unreasonably priced, we still buy from these stalls because they’re the ones available. The thing is purchasing from stalls isn’t a practical idea. If you want to save money, you’d be wise enough to pack your own snacks and beverages.


Just because you have no money to bring for food doesn’t mean you can’t go to the festival! You might be close-minded about this, saying it’s a burden, but trust me; it’s convenient and clever to bring your own food.

Since it’s just a festival, you don’t have to pack heavy food. Just be sure to bring ones included in our list, and your stomach won’t complain during the festival. Here’s a tip: When packing, be sure that the food and drinks are in a cool box or bag.


  • Protein Bars – Be sure to choose protein bars with less sugar than the usual ones in convenience stores.protein bar with nuts
  • Dried fruits – Don’t miss the chance to eat healthily in a festival! Bring dried fruits in Tupperware.
  • Hard-boiled eggs – Eggs contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, and they’re fun to eat too!
  • Homemade muffins – Bake muffins at home using your favorite recipe and you’ll enjoy the music festival even more!
  • Meat – If you stay longer than a day, then you can bring meat and cook it on a barbecue for the first day.
  • Nuts – Whether they’re almonds or not, these are still good for your heart. Besides, they’re so easy to bring and share with the squad.
  • spaghettiSpaghetti – Fill your stomach with noodles! I suggest you stay away from instant noodles; they take a lot of time to break down in the body. Home-cooked spaghetti is better!
  • Homemade Bread – Use your Breville BBM800XLto make delicious-tasting bread! Nothing’s healthier than homemade food.
  • Spreads – Carry with you on-the-go jams and peanut butter; they will go well with your homemade bread.


  • Water – To save money, carry your own bottled water. Don’t bring glasses—they might cause injuries.
  • Homemade smoothie or juice – What’s sweeter and healthier than your favorite homemade juice?

Music and Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers and music are more similar than you think. They both give the following advantages to one’s mental health:

Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

headsets-woman-listening-music-smilingListening to music and drinking fresh juice both reduces stress. According to a study published in The Arts in Psychotherapy last 2015, patients who have anxiety disorder get better thanks to music therapy. Listening to music helps you relax whether you have severe or mild anxiety. Likewise, vitamin C found in fresh fruit juices can help you combat stress.

The stress hormone cortisol increases blood pressure every time you’re stressed. But thanks to vitamin C, you can experience fewer physical effects brought by stress.

Enhance Cognitive Power

apple-song-headdset-fruitMusic improves cognitive abilities, whether you’re young or old. Psychological studies have proven that listening to music can keep you alert and it can even improve your memory. Similarly, fresh juices made using masticating juicers can give your memory a boost. In fact, according to WebMD, older adults with memory problems who consumed wild blueberry juice daily had better scores on memory tests than those who took a placebo.

Another study revealed that adding enough amounts of folic acid, riboflavin, vitamin C, and vitamin B12 to one’s diet can aid in countering memory loss.

Improve Concentration

Foods with nootropics are associated with cognitive benefits like enhanced concentration, motivation, and learning. In short, juicing foods with lots of nootropics can help you keep focused. Foods that are abundant in nootropics are lemons, turnip greens, bananas, parsley, strawberries, blueberries, apples, cherries, cranberries, raspberries, and celery. The flavonoids found in some fruits and veggies also support learning and brain function.  Take note that using a masticating juicer when juicing is much better than using other juicers because it can extract two to three times more juice from leafy green vegetables.

In the same way, listening to music can improve your focus on particular tasks. Classical music and nature sounds can help students, workers, and bookworms concentrate on their homework, reports, and book.

Serve as a Source of Motivation

carrot juice healthy woman drinking carrot vegetable juiceLow levels of B vitamins can contribute to depression which is why juicing fruits with B vitamins can help you stay motivated by lowering depression levels and improving your mood. You can get sufficient amount of B vitamins from kale, oranges, cantaloupe, and strawberries.

Correspondingly, listening to music can help you stay enthusiastic to work out. Studies have revealed that slower music can physically and mentally slow a person down, while fast music can keep one pumped up.


Can you think of other similarities between the two? Let us know in the comment section below!

Reasons Why You Need to Listen to Music More

Music is a stress-reliever

Have you ever tried using jig saws? They ease anxiety, don’t they? Just like woodworking, listening to music can also relieve us of stress. More about saws here


Research shows that listening to music can alleviate stress and decrease the symptoms of depression. According to the researchers in the UK, particular songs can lower anxiety levels by up to 65%. It’s possible because music combats cortisol (stress hormone) in our body. This makes music an excellent medicine for the mind, especially since stress causes nearly 60% of all our sicknesses. Plus, those who sing and play percussion instruments were found to have better improved immune system compared to those who just listened.

Music can make us happy

Studies prove that listening to music we like can make our brains release dopamine, which is a feel-good neurotransmitter. Dopamine allows us to feel happy, excited, and joyful.

listen music headset notes

Music can give us nights of good sleep

Did you know that more than 30% of Americans suffer from insomnia? Researchers discovered that students who listened to classical music for 45 mins. before sleeping slept better than those who just listened to a particular audiobook or did nothing new from their ordinary program. Catch more Zs with Mozart tonight, and you’ll know what I mean!

Music improves learning and memory


Studies show that music can help us learn and remember info better. However, this fact would still depend on how much you love the music or whether you’re a musician or not. In one study, subjects were asked to memorize Japanese characters while they’re listening to music which seemed neutral or positive to them. The results? Those participants who were musicians learned better with neutral music but had better results when they listened to pleasurable music. On the other hand, non-musicians learned better when positive music was playing, but they tested better with neutral music. But whether or not you’re a musician, one thing’s for sure: Music can make you better.

The Relationship of Music and Marijuana

You might be familiar with Bob Marley and his pot activities, and it might make you wonder what kind of relationship music has with marijuana. Although only a few studies regarding this issue have been conducted, it’s still worth looking into.


Let’s discuss a particular experiment regarding the two elements.


According to this study which examined the brains of individuals as they were listening to music, there was an increase of activity in the users’ parietal lobe after they smoked pot compared to before they used marijuana. In case you didn’t know, the parietal lobe deals with the reception and correlation of sensory information, and plays a major role in problem-solving as well. The study, in essence, found that cannabis can help the smoker comprehend music with a higher level.

music notes earphones

It also suggested that marijuana and music can both lead to an increase in activity in the right hemisphere of our brain, which is deals with the emotional, imaginative, and intuitive functions. In layman’s term, that means songwriters, as well as musicians, can be a lot more creative if they smoke marijuana. Any genre of music can also be enjoyed more because of cannabis, and marijuana can be enjoyed more with music.

Let’s take a look at what the experts have to say.


Dr. Jörg Fachner, a music, health and brain professor at Anglia Ruskin University said that marijuana doesn’t alter the music or the way our ears function. Rather, marijuana changes the manner users recognize ear space in music. According to Dr. Fachner, weed serves as a psycho-acoustic enhancer which enables users to concentrate more and absorb the music more. He also stated that it modifies the perception of time, which is why when high, people might think that only an hour has passed when several hours have already gone.

time clock gears

Furthermore, Dr. Zach Walsh, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, mentioned that people become relaxed when they use cannabis. And once a user is in a calm state, he can be more responsive to music during that time. Dr. Walsh also said that marijuana could better a person’s presence at the moment, which prevents him from worrying, organizing, and planning other things.


You got excited about growing weed, didn’t you? That’s normal and all right if cultivating cannabis is legal in your state. With the effects of both elements to each other, anyone would probably be interested in marijuana. The question now would be:

Should you Plant cannabis indoors or outdoors?

Venturing Into A Deep Forest

deep forest

Let’s face it.

Once in a while, we crave for adventure when travelling in another country – the kind of adventure we haven’t seen before and the kind of adventure that we haven’t done before, as well as the kind of adventure we’ll be able to share proudly with our grandkids.

One such adventure is venturing into a deep forest.

Contrary to popular belief, deep forests are actually great places to begin with for the kind of adventure we crave for once in a while. You see, deep forests are not just filled with towering trees and wild animals. You also see, deep forests are not just filled with blooming bushes and exotic animals. Deep forests are also home to scenic views that no one else has probably seen just yet. Deep forests are also home to tranquil water that no one else has probably experienced just yet. Even more so, deep forests are home to open spots where you can clearly see the bright sun on the horizon during the day and clearly experience the bright stars in the sky during the night.

But just like any other natural place in the world, one must abide to what Mother Nature itself is asking of you.

That being said, here’s an important tip:

Go hunting, but in a mild way.

While most people think hunting involves killing animals off for their market value, it’s not exactly the case. You can go hunting for fruits rather than birds. You can even go hunting for flowers instead of deers. And yes – you can actually go hunting without killing wild animals and more so exotic animals. This way, you get to eat healthily and spend your time appreciating the beauty of nature as compared to eating fiercely and spending your time depreciating the beauty of nature because of your urge to hunt for real.

Don’t worry! You can still use those bows and arrows from bow judge, even without killing animals. Just aim for that rip apple above that towering tree in front of you and you’ll even feel like you’re Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Cool, right?

Always remember, there’s only one thing Mother Nature is asking of you. And that is, to protect anything that breathes the same air we breathe in this life. And that is, to preserve anything that grows the same way we mature in this life.

And yes – we can learn about these and more when venturing into a deep forest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s go on an adventure now!

Destination Iceland: Dreaming of Reykjavik

If you are anything like me, you probably have a Europe bucket list or at least a few places in that continent that you dream of visiting before you die. Visiting cities like Paris, Florence, Venice, Rome, Vienna, and Prague among many others and exploring their many attractions will never be too cliché for me to want to see them with my own eyes. The list keeps getting longer faster than I could tick off something from it. But it is always part of the fun, coming up with new spots to add.

Iceland Northern LightsIceland has always been among those places that are on top of my must-see list a lot of reasons — stunning and breathtaking ones. The culture, nature scenery, and wealth of natural wonders are just some of its biggest draws. But if I were to pick one reason why I need to go, it would be for the chance to see the Northern Lights with my own eyes. And to do that, a visit to the country’s capital city seems like a great spot to begin what I imagine to be an unforgettable journey.

I am thinking of spending some time doing an I heart Reykjavik walking tour, one in which I plan to explore everything about the city that makes tourist fall in love with it. I will try to see and experience as much as I can within the city and whatever nearby attractions I could squeeze in before I set out chasing the Northern Lights. And I hope that with good timing and a bit of luck, I will find myself at the right place at the right time when those magnificent lights appear in the sky.

The Best Summer Music Festivals In Los Angeles

music festival

Los Angeles is not just best known for its movie scene. It’s also not just best known for its television scene. It’s even not just best known for its historical scene. Believe it or not, it’s also best known for its music scene – making it livelier than any other city in the United States of America, especially during summer.

That being said, here are the best summer music festivals in Los Angeles:

Broke Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival

Usually held in April of the year, the Broke Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival perfectly represents how do-it-yourself is truly done – with over 50 emerging bands taking part, along with four music stages and one comedy stage. This year’s Broke Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival was held last April 8 at 4560 Worth Street in East Los Angeles.

JazzReggae Festival

Usually held in May of the year, the JazzReggae Festival perfectly represents how truly vibrant a school culture is – with some of UCLA’s best acts taking part, along with Memorial Day inspirations and dedicated performances. This year’s JazzReggae Festival was held last May 29 at Sunset Rec Doors in the University of California, Los Angeles.

Echo Park Rising

Usually held in August of the year, the Echo Park Rising perfectly represents how inspiring people can be and how music is really done – with over 100 local bands taking part, along with film screenings and comedy stages. This year’s Echo Park Rising will be held on August 17-20 in various locations all over Los Angeles.

Furthermore, you’ll catch yourself practically falling in love with Los Angeles at these events – even if you’re more used to Paris singles gatherings, as well as more used to London pubs crawls.

Do you know any other summer music festivals in Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments section below!

How to Make Your Daily Commute Less Stressful


The daily commute can be all levels of stressful. Crowded buses or trains and unexpected road congestions could potentially disrupt your schedule. You may even have to deal with considerable amounts of stress given the amount of time you spend commuting. On the upside, there are things you can do to make the trip as stress-free as possible. Here are some ideas on how to make your commute more pleasant.

1. Anticipate possible delays. Leave earlier for work or from the office to avoid the morning and evening rush. Anticipating traffic congestion and factoring in potential delays can help you avoid needless stress of being caught unprepared in the middle of your commute. Arriving early in your destination likewise gives you ample time to calm your mind and body as you prepare for the hours ahead.

2. Consciously relax when you begin to stress out. Commuting stress can sometimes creep up on you regardless of the preparations you make to avoid it. You can, however, use relaxation techniques to minimize commuting stress and regain your balance. Deep breathing, listening to relaxing music, and visualizing a great day can help in dealing with stress and anxiety that an unpleasant commute could trigger.

3. Don’t stick to one route. Routines can be boring. Taking a different route can ease the monotony of your regular commute and reduce commuting stress. Give yourself extra time to explore different routes on your way to work. Not only will this infuse newness to your everyday commuting experience, but it can also provide you with alternative routes if necessary.

4. Focus on the good. Being caught in traffic can be highly stressful, especially if you are worrying about being late for work or an appointment. But unless you know a less congested route to get yourself out of your current situation, you just have to sit tight and weather it through. The best thing you can do is to focus on positive distractions. Listen to music, find humor in your predicament, or think of a happy thought. If you are commuting by public transport, you can pass the time reading a good book.

5. Slow down. Rushing can leave you feeling agitated and tensed. Decide to set a more relaxed pace in everything you do prior and during your commute. Wake up early to give yourself enough time to prepare. Walk at a more leisurely pace instead of rushing to the subway or bus stop.