Venturing Into A Deep Forest

deep forest

Let’s face it.

Once in a while, we crave for adventure when travelling in another country – the kind of adventure we haven’t seen before and the kind of adventure that we haven’t done before, as well as the kind of adventure we’ll be able to share proudly with our grandkids.

One such adventure is venturing into a deep forest.

Contrary to popular belief, deep forests are actually great places to begin with for the kind of adventure we crave for once in a while. You see, deep forests are not just filled with towering trees and wild animals. You also see, deep forests are not just filled with blooming bushes and exotic animals. Deep forests are also home to scenic views that no one else has probably seen just yet. Deep forests are also home to tranquil water that no one else has probably experienced just yet. Even more so, deep forests are home to open spots where you can clearly see the bright sun on the horizon during the day and clearly experience the bright stars in the sky during the night.

But just like any other natural place in the world, one must abide to what Mother Nature itself is asking of you.

That being said, here’s an important tip:

Go hunting, but in a mild way.

While most people think hunting involves killing animals off for their market value, it’s not exactly the case. You can go hunting for fruits rather than birds. You can even go hunting for flowers instead of deers. And yes – you can actually go hunting without killing wild animals and more so exotic animals. This way, you get to eat healthily and spend your time appreciating the beauty of nature as compared to eating fiercely and spending your time depreciating the beauty of nature because of your urge to hunt for real.

Don’t worry! You can still use those bows and arrows from bow judge, even without killing animals. Just aim for that rip apple above that towering tree in front of you and you’ll even feel like you’re Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Cool, right?

Always remember, there’s only one thing Mother Nature is asking of you. And that is, to protect anything that breathes the same air we breathe in this life. And that is, to preserve anything that grows the same way we mature in this life.

And yes – we can learn about these and more when venturing into a deep forest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s go on an adventure now!